Tomas Claudio Colleges is a community-owned and community-based institution of learning in Eastern Rizal.

It was founded on August 15, 1950 in honor of Tomas Claudio, a national hero from Morong, who died during the First World War fighting for democracy.

The college was originally located in downtown Morong. The high school department was transferred in 1989 followed by the administration and the collegiate level in 1993 and the elementary level in 1995 to the scenic and sprawling twelve-hectare campus at Sitio Taghangin about a kilometer from the poblacion. The college initially offered a two-year course leading to the title Associate in Arts. Other four-year degree courses such as Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Commerce in Commerce were subsequently offered and in 1964-1965, recognition for Education, Culture and Sports (DECS).

In 1975, a graduate degree program in Education (MAED) was started in consortium with Eulogio “Amang Rodrigez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST). In 1989-1990, it was felt that the college was qualified to offer its own graduate program and DECS granted a permit and recognized the offering of Master of Arts In Education Program of its own support from EARIST faculty. The Master in Public Administration and Master in Business Administration were subsequently started in 1996-1997.